In humanity, there have been many types of viruses, such as influenza or HIV, these have put the world on alert and this new virus “COVID-19” is not going to be the exception.

What is COVID-19?
COVID- 19 is a virus that was passed from animals to humans, this virus is not very strong, but it is very easy for you to be infected, this virus is from China and research has already begun to stop it.

COVID-19 started in China, many people from that country got it very quickly, but not only did people from China get it, also people from other countries got it, but how? well, this virus entered other countries because many people when visiting the infected city “Wuhan” were infected with the same virus and when they returned to their country of origin, they began to infect more people, but not only this way, do people get infected , also some infected people visit foreign countries and infect them.

How can I prevent it?

This virus kills people, but also many people could be cured, this virus is not very lethal, you can prevent it, by washing your hands or taking a shower always. You can also prevent it by not having as much physical contact with people.

I recommend that you do not go out on the street much and that you do not have much physical contact with people, also that you have good hygiene.

Emiliano Ortega Vieyra.


Cronología del coronavirus: así comenzó y se extendió el virus que tiene en alerta al mundo